The odds of winning…

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Great Expectations

I always, okay maybe not always but most of the time do my best to get high grades, to be in the honor roll and be on the top. And because of that they expect me to stay on top. (I’m not the top 1 of the school but I belong to the President Circle, it’s like Dean’s List but higher rank) It puts a lot of pressure on me. I started to be in the President circle since the first semester of my first year in college up to my second semester. Now that I’m on my second year, the bar is higher, things are harder and tougher. Recently I got my History paper and for the first time, I got a grade of 2.75 which is very low. (Here in the Philippines 1 is the highest and 5 is the lowest) I want to blame somebody, I want to blame my classmates for choosing a Research gap paper instead of a objective type of exam, I want to blame my teacher, for giving me this low grade, but in the end there’s no one to blame but myself. It’s my fault. Though I think I did my best, it was not really enough. I told my my father about it. I asked him ” What if I didn’t make it to the President’s Circle?” He said “Why? Maybe you’re not studying hard.” Honestly I feel down because of what He said. I gave my all in that paper. I slept two in the morning for that paper then He’ll  just say that I’m not studying hard. It’s like slap on the face. -_-

Life is full of expectations, expectations from your parents, family, friends, teachers, even the society. I want to tell them “Please don’t expect a lot from me, I’m not that strong, smart, good,and  exemplary as you think I am.” No, I’m not. The feeling that I let down someone sucks. I hate it so much. It makes me feel that I am a failure. 

I know it says in the Bible that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, but as a person I have my limitations too. I can’t do all the things people expect me to do or I can’t be the best person people expect me to be.  I just want to do my best without being pressured to meet people expectations.